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Overview of In-Store Check-In Kiosks with TWICE
Overview of In-Store Check-In Kiosks with TWICE

Discover the Benefits of TWICE Check-In Kiosks

Updated over a week ago

In-store check-in kiosks are an efficient solution offered by TWICE to streamline the check-in process, particularly useful in busy rental shops.

Key Features:

  • Device Compatibility: Whether it's tablets provided by the store or personal smartphones of the customers, the check-in system works flawlessly across all platforms

  • Browser-Based Interface: The kiosk system runs directly in the web browser, which means there's no need for any specialized software installations. It's a straightforward setup, just like accessing a web page.

Customer Independence and Efficiency

The primary goal of TWICE check-in kiosks is to enhance the efficiency of the rental process:

  • Self-Service Setup: Customers can independently place their rental orders on-site through the kiosks.

  • Operational Benefits: By enabling customers to serve themselves, staff are freed up to focus on more complex queries and other essential customer service tasks, thus improving the overall service quality.

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