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Setting Up In-Store Check-In Kiosks with TWICE
Setting Up In-Store Check-In Kiosks with TWICE

Streamline Your Check-In Process Using TWICE Advance

Updated over a week ago

With a TWICE Advance account, setting up in-store self service terminals becomes a straightforward process that can significantly enhance the customer service experience, especially in high-traffic rental shops. Here’s how to set up and optimize check-in kiosks for your store.

Display the Check-In on Your Store's Devices:

  • Check-In URL: Find the check-in URL by navigating to Settings > Check-in in your TWICE Admin.

  • Open the URL: Click the "view store" button to open the check-in store on the device you want to use.

    • Note: For multi-location accounts, ensure each store location uses its correct, unique URL.

  • Activate Kiosk Mode: Set the device to kiosk mode to restrict access to other functionalities, ensuring the device is used solely for check-in purposes.

Allow Customers to use the Check-In App on Their Own Devices:

Customers can use their own smartphones to book rentals on-site. This can significantly reduce wait times and improve the overall customer experience.

  • Display the Check-In URL: Display the check-in URL in various strategic locations within your store. Consider areas like the entrance, near the main counter, or other high-visibility spots.

    • Consider creating QR codes that link directly to the check-in URL, for even quicker access.

    • Make sure that your store has strong Wi-Fi coverage so that customers can easily access the internet on their devices.

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