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System Requirements and Essential Hardware for Using TWICE
System Requirements and Essential Hardware for Using TWICE

Ensuring Optimal Performance and Efficiency with TWICE

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TWICE is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform designed to streamline your business operations. By operating solely through a web browser, TWICE offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to manage your business from virtually anywhere without downloading and updating any Applications. This article outlines the system requirements and recommended hardware to maximize your TWICE experience, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

System Requirements for TWICE

TWICE's browser-based nature means it's compatible with a wide range of devices, as long as the browser is up-to-date and still receiving updates. Here are the key requirements:

  • Supported Browsers: While TWICE works across most modern browsers, we recommend using the latest versions of Firefox or Google Chrome for the best experience. Please note, that Internet Explorer is not supported due to its lack of updates.

  • Internet Connection: A stable and continuous internet connection is required to use TWICE, as it does not offer offline functionality. This ensures you can access real-time data and updates seamlessly.

TWICE is designed to be mobile responsive, allowing you to efficiently manage your business on the go using your mobile device or tablet, with all software updates automatically applied without any need for manual installation or update.

Recommended Hardware for In-Store Operations

To complement TWICE's software capabilities, certain hardware can enhance your in-store operations:


  • Desktops and Laptops: A computer acts as the primary workstation for managing TWICE. While smaller stores may operate effectively with a single workstation, larger stores should consider multiple workstations to handle higher traffic volumes efficiently. Desktop computers are preferred for their durability, but laptops are also suitable.

Check-in Kiosks

  • Tablets: For collecting orders and customer information from walk-in customers, tablet computers serve as ideal check-in kiosks. These can be set up throughout your store based on traffic needs, without affecting your TWICE subscription cost. We recommend securing tablets in lockable and stable stands for a functional and professional setup.

Barcode Scanners

  • Wireless Barcode Scanners: Enhance order fulfillment and inventory tracking with wireless barcode scanners. These devices are compatible with both desktops and laptops, significantly speeding up in-store processes.

Additional Hardware Considerations

To further optimize your TWICE setup, consider the following hardware:

  • Receipt Printers: Essential for printing order confirmations for customers.

  • Barcode Sticker Printers: Useful for labeling inventory, making tracking and management more streamlined.

  • Keyboards and Mice: Ensure efficient operation of workstations and kiosks, improving user experience for both staff and customers.

By meeting the system requirements and integrating recommended hardware into your TWICE setup, you can ensure a smooth, efficient operation that enhances both customer satisfaction and business productivity.

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