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Viewing Your TWICE Online Store

A Quick Guide on Accessing Your Hosted Online Store.

Updated over a week ago

Every TWICE account comes with its own hosted online store. It's easy to view your store directly from your TWICE Admin or via your provided URL. Here's how to explore your store.

View Your Store via TWICE Admin

  1. Log in to your TWICE Admin.

  2. Click the Online Store button in the top right corner to view your store in a new browser tab.

View Your Store via Its Own URL

You can also view your store directly via its unique URL. This allows you to easily share the link with others or quickly preview your store's appearance. Follow the instructions below to find and access your TWICE store's URL.

  1. In your TWICE Admin, navigate to Settings.

  2. Click Online Store.

  3. Scroll down to the URL section.

  4. Here you will find the URL of your hosted online store. You can click to copy the URL or select View Store to open it in a new tab.

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