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Branding Add-On

How to customize colors, button styles, and typography of your TWICE sales channels

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TWICE's customer interfaces are fully white-labeled, allowing you to easily customize their appearance to reflect your brand. Here's how to personalize the branding of your sales channels:

Steps to Customize Your Branding

  1. Install the Branding Add-on:

    • Go to Add-ons in your TWICE Admin and install the Branding Add-on.

  2. Enable Custom Branding:

    • Navigate to Account > General Settings.

    • Scroll down to the Branding section.

    • Toggle on Enable custom branding.

  3. Edit Branding Elements:

    • Customize the accent colors, typography, and button styles of your sales channels from the Branding section.

Important Details

  • Typography Changes:

    • Any changes you make to fonts will apply to headings and body text across your site, but not to the checkout page.

    • The checkout page uses a predefined font stack: "Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif".

      • Helvetica is used first for its clarity and professional look.

      • If Helvetica isn't available, Arial is used as a backup.

      • If Arial isn't available, it falls back to the system's sans-serif default.

    • This setup ensures the checkout process remains uniform and clear for all users.

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