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Customize Your Homepage Layout

How to Edit Your Online Store Layout and Add a Featured Image

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In your TWICE Admin, open your customizer by navigating to Settings > Online Store and selecting Homepage from the top left dropdown menu. Here you can add a featured image and customize your homepage layout.

Homepage Layout

Decide whether to list your products or categories on your homepage and choose how many items per row you want to display. This allows you to control the visual organization and ease of navigation for your customers.

Add a Featured Image

If you have selected Category Listing as your homepage layout type, you can add a featured image as a top banner for your store. Additionally, you can include a heading, description, and a call-to-action button on your featured image.

  1. Ensure your homepage layout is set to Category Listing.

  2. In the left panel of the customizer, click Featured Image to open more options:

    • Add Image: The recommended image size is 1080x800px.

    • Image Alignment: Choose between top, middle, or bottom alignment.

    • Heading: Add a page heading to be displayed as an overlay on the image.

    • Description: Add a page description to be displayed under the heading.

    • Button Label: Add a button label. Adding a button requires a button URL.

    • Button URL: Add a URL where customers will be redirected when clicking the button. The URL must begin with https://

    Example of a featured image added to the customizer with the company name, a little description and a button leading to another URL.
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