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Configuring Cookie Consent in TWICE

How to Show a Cookie Consent Banner in Your Online Store to Comply with Personal Privacy Policies

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Why You Might Need to Display a Cookie Consent Banner

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other privacy regulations, visitors to your website must consent to being tracked. This means you must display a notice informing visitors that you use cookie tracking and offer them the choice to opt-in to being tracked.

TWICE online stores use cookies to provide the best consumer experience. Cookies are also necessary for certain functionalities, such as Google Analytics integration.

You can choose to:

  • Enable cookies without explicit consent

  • Display a cookie consent banner

  • Disable cookies completely

Configuring Cookie Notice Settings

You can configure your cookie notice settings from Account > Terms & Policies. In the customer privacy section, you can configure the online store cookie policy.

You can choose between three options:

  1. Enable Cookies Without Notice

    • Allows cookies to be used in your Twice online store without asking for consent from visitors.

  2. Show Cookie Notice

    • Displays a cookie consent banner to your visitors. They need to explicitly allow the storage of cookies before they can be used.

  3. Disable All Cookies

    • Disables the usage of all non-necessary cookies. Note that disabling cookies completely might negatively affect the end-user experience and limit some functionalities (e.g., Google Analytics integration).

Configuring Cookie Notice Behavior for Embedded Stores

If you select Show Cookie Notice, you have an additional option to configure the cookie notice behavior for embedded stores. This allows you to select distinct cookie consent behavior in case you have embedded your Twice store on another website. This is useful if you do not want to display a cookie banner in an embedded context but want to pass the cookie acceptance via a query parameter.

Passing Cookie Consent via Query Parameter

Twice online stores also allow passing cookie consent directly as a query parameter. This is useful if you already collect cookie consent on your own website and want to pass the consent information directly to your Twice store, ensuring the customer does not need to give their consent twice. If the cookie consent is passed via a query parameter, the cookie consent banner won't be shown to the customer.

Online Store Cookie Categories

The online store groups cookies into four categories:

  • Necessary: Essential for the website to operate. These are always enabled and do not require consent.

  • Preference: Enables the website to remember information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, like the preferred language.

  • Statistics: Used to monitor the performance and usability of the site and needed to provide analytics integrations for the store (e.g., Google Analytics integration).

  • Marketing: Used to provide advertisement and marketing-related integrations to the store.

Cookie Query Parameter Values

TWICE online stores accept a cookies query parameter with the following values:

  • cookies=true: All cookies are allowed.

  • cookies=false: Cookies are rejected (necessary cookies are always enabled).

  • cookies=pre,sta,mar: Comma-separated list of specific cookie categories to allow (necessary cookies are always enabled), where:

    • pre = preference cookies

    • sta = statistics cookies

    • mar = marketing cookies


Redirecting or embedding a store with a store name myshop:

  • Allow only necessary and preference cookies:

  • Allow only necessary, preference, and statistics cookies:,sta

  • Allow all cookies:

  • Reject all except necessary cookies:

By configuring these settings, you can ensure your online store complies with privacy regulations while providing a seamless experience for your customers.

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