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Setting Up Security Deposits for Your Rental Products
Setting Up Security Deposits for Your Rental Products

How to Implement Security Deposits as a Risk Management Tool in TWICE

Updated over a week ago

Security deposits in TWICE are configured at the product level. This setup allows you to decide which products require a deposit and the amount that needs to be reserved, whether you are utilizing manual or automatic deposit methods.

Steps to Set Up Security Deposits:

  1. Navigate to Product Settings:

    • Open your TWICE Admin App and go to Catalog > Products.

    • Select the product for which you want to set up a deposit.

  2. Configure the Deposit:

    • Scroll to the Deposit section within the product Settings.

    • Enter the amount you wish to set as the deposit for that particular product.

  3. Save Your Settings:

    • Ensure all changes are saved correctly to activate the deposit settings for the selected product.

This setup process is designed to be straightforward, allowing you to quickly implement necessary risk management measures effectively.

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