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Using Manual Payment Methods in TWICE
Using Manual Payment Methods in TWICE

Implementing Custom Payment Methods Without Fees

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Manual payment methods in TWICE allow for greater flexibility in how customers can pay for their orders, which is especially useful for businesses that interact directly with customers or require payment methods not fully integrated into online platforms. This article outlines how to use these manual payment methods effectively and highlights the benefits, including no transaction fees and non-recording in the accounting reports.

Accepting Orders with Manual Payments

  1. Tracking New Orders: When a customer selects a manual payment method during checkout, the order will appear as "unpaid" in your Upcoming Orders. In the order's payment section of the right panel, you'll see the order marked as "unpaid" alongside the chosen payment method.

  2. Changing the Payment Status: To acknowledge receipt of payment, click the "Mark as Paid" button. This will update the order's status in your system.

  3. Modifying Payment Methods: If multiple manual payment options are offered and you need to change the method for a particular order, click on the payment method next to "unpaid" to select and confirm an alternative method.

Creating Orders with Manual Payments:

  • When creating a new order via TWICE Admin, navigate to Create Order and enter a new order as outlined here. Select the payment method from the sidebar. Choose the necessary method and confirm your selection.

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