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FAQs - Online Payments in TWICE
FAQs - Online Payments in TWICE

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Payment Options and Processing in TWICE

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Can I Integrate My Own Payment Processor?

While TWICE currently supports Stripe and TWICE Payments as the primary online payment solutions, integration of additional payment processors like PayPal, iDeal, Klarna, or Vipps is not available at this time. We are continually working to expand our range of supported payment options. Stay updated with our product announcements for future integrations.

Can I Process Orders in USD Even Though I Am Located Outside the US?

Payment processing is restricted to your country's currency. This ensures compliance with financial regulations specific to each region. Meaning you can only process orders in your local currency.

Can I Use TWICE Payments If My Customers Are From Outside the EU?

Yes, you can use TWICE Payments even if your customers are from outside the EU. The list of supported countries refers only to your business's geographical location. The location of your customers does not affect the availability of TWICE Payments.

When I Cancel an Order, Do You Automatically Refund the Money to My Customer?

No, refunds must always be initiated manually. TWICE does not automatically process refunds when orders are canceled to ensure that you retain full control over such financial decisions.

My Customer Reported They Did Not Get Their Refund Back. What Should I Do?

When dealing with refund issues, it's important to consider the following steps:

  1. Check the Timeframe: Refunds can take up to 5 business days to be processed and appear in the customer's account. First, verify if it has been longer than this period since the refund was initiated.

  2. Review the Payment Method: If the customer used an online bank payment via Paytrail, the refund process might require additional steps. Customers using Paytrail are typically notified via email to take certain actions to make their account eligible to receive refunds.

    • In this case, remind the customer to check their emails for any communication from Paytrail. It’s crucial they respond to these emails to facilitate the refund process.

  3. Further Assistance: If the refund delay extends beyond the usual timeframe, and the customer has used a different payment method, please contact our support team. We will investigate further to ensure that the refund is processed correctly and promptly.

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