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Editing Skidata Products

Learn How to Edit Skidata Products in Your TWICE Catalog

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Once you've synchronized your lift tickets to TWICE, it's time to adjust the visibility and additional information. In your Twice Admin navigate to Catalog and click on one of the tickets from the list on the Products tab, as you would do when editing any other Product in TWICE.

Adjust the visibility

By default, your lift ticket products are hidden from the online store for your review before setting them visible. You can adjust the visibility of ticket products the same way as other products in your Twice Catalog.

Edit the basic information

Ticket details include partially the same information you have stored in the Skidata. However, you can add a Product name, description, and images the same way as with other products in your TWICE Catalog.

Enter translations

Creating translations for your Skidata products and segments in every language you serve your customers in.

Edit pricing

To edit pricing, you need to change the pricing in the Skidata system. We always fetch the up-to-date prices for lift tickets to support Skidata pricing functionality (seasonal pricing, discounts, etc.). It means that all the pricing-related changes in the Skidata system are reflected in the prices in TWICE. If you change a price in Skidata, remember to synchronize your catalog to update the prices in TWICE.

Relevant customer information

Some tickets may require asking your customers for a personal photo to be able to activate the ticket.

In the product's Settings tab >scroll down to Customer information for Skidata card toggle on Photo to ask your customers to upload a photo at the checkout in the online store.

Upsell your lift tickets with other products

Lift tickets can be offered with your other products. Navigate to a products settings, and scroll down to Integrations > Skidata and enable offer lift tickets with this product

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