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Selling in Multiple Languages

How to Translate Your Content Across Multiple Languages

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Expanding your TWICE store to serve customers in their native language is not only about inclusivity but also about enhancing the customer experience and reaching a wider audience. While TWICE provides automatic translations for the core structure of your website and transactional emails, translating your unique content, such as product descriptions and categories, is done manually by the user.

Creating Translations for Your Content

  1. After setting up your languages, proceed to Account > Languages > Translations.

  2. If you have multiple languages enabled, select the language you're translating your content into from the dropdown on the Select Language card.

  3. All content you have created in your main language is categorized and progress indicators help find missing translations.

  4. Click one content category, and start entering your translations. All changes you make on this page are automatically saved.

Animated GIF illustrating the process of entering translations for content in Twice, starting from the Language Settings. It shows 'English' set as the main language, then guides on how to access 'Translations.' The GIF proceeds to select 'German' as the translation language, choose the 'Product' category, and finally, demonstrates entering example translations from English to German.

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