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Accessing an Individual Transaction
Accessing an Individual Transaction

Learn How to Open an Individual Transaction From Your Accounting Report

Updated over a week ago

Depending on the table section of your report, your transactions are grouped by date, payment method, or product.

re always able to access each individual transaction that the calculated total consists of. From the individual transactions you are able to view the receipt and access the original order that the transaction was part of.

  1. Each row visible in a table section communicates a Total and the nr of units sold.

  2. To view all individual transactions that make up the total click the small plus icon on the left side of the row.

  3. Click the receipt icon or number to view the receipt.

  4. Click the Order button to view the order that the transaction belongs to.

Expanded view of the 'Date Breakdown' section from the accounting report, showing two transactions on a selected date. Each transaction is accompanied by clickable 'Receipt' and 'Order' options.
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