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Accessing Your Accounting Reports
Accessing Your Accounting Reports

Learn Where to Find Your Account Reports in TWICE.

Updated over a week ago

You can use accounting reports to see information about all your payment transactions handled through TWICE. The accounting report will only contain payment transactions and orders where the payment is processed in TWICE (i.e. via online payments). For an overview of all transactions regardless of how the payment has been handled, refer to your Twice Dashboard.

Accessing Your Accounting Reports

  1. In your TWICE Admin select Account -> Accounting

  2. Select a Start and End date and click Get report

  3. You'll now view all your payment transactions for the defined time range.

Applying Additional Filters

If you are selling in different currencies or store locations, you can apply your selection right below the time range picker.

You can also customize your report by selecting certain Tables or Table Sections for your report from the dropdown lists.

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