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How to Find and Use a List of All Customers and Their Respective Booking Data

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In the TWICE Admin App, accessing a comprehensive list of your customers along with their booking data is a streamlined process. This feature allows you to filter, sort, and export customer information according to your specific needs, enhancing your ability to manage and analyze customer interactions and preferences effectively.

Accessing the Customers List

  1. Open your TWICE Admin

  2. Click the Customers tab located in the main navigation panel on the left side of the screen.

Note: To use this feature, make sure to upgrade your Twice Plan to Build or Advance.

Utilizing the Customers List

The Customers view presents a unified list of all your customers, organized by email address. This means each row represents a unique email address, consolidating all associated booking data under it. Customers who have made multiple bookings using the same email address will appear as a single entry in the list.

Finding a Customer or Filtering the List

  • Search for a Specific Customer: You can search by:

    • Customer Name: Enter at least three characters from either the first or last name.

    • Email Address: Enter the complete email address.

    • Phone Number: Enter the full phone number.

  • Filter the List: Options include:

    • Filtering by customers who have or have not given marketing consent.

    • Defining the time period of bookings (e.g., past week, past month, custom range, or all bookings).

Exporting the List

With your filters applied, you can export the list as a .CSV file. This file can be used for further analysis, helping you to understand your customer base better or to tailor your marketing activities more effectively.

How to Use .CSV Files:

.CSV files can be opened with any spreadsheet software, allowing for easy data manipulation and analysis. For guidance on opening, using, and transforming .CSV files with any spreadsheet software, refer to our dedicated article in the help center. This resource provides detailed instructions and tips for maximizing the utility of exported customer lists for analysis and business planning.

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