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FAQs - TWICE Subscriptions

Comprehensive Answers to Common Queries on Plans, Billing, and Account Management

Updated over a week ago

Is There a Setup Fee?

No. Our plans do not include setup fees.

Do I Need a Credit Card to Sign Up?

No. Start with Twice Free, our forever-free plan. Upgrade to a paid plan and enter payment details when ready.

Can I Cancel My Account at Any Time?

Yes. Cancel anytime by contacting customer support via chat.

How Long Are Your Contracts?

TWICE plans are month-to-month unless you opt for an annual plan at a discount.

Do You Offer Any Discounted Plans?

Yes. When choosing annual payments we'll give a 25% discount.

Can I Change My Plan Later On?

Absolutely! Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Why Can't I Downgrade My Plan?

Each TWICE plan includes specific TWICE Add-Ons. If downgrading, you may need to uninstall some Add-Ons.

How Long Is the Free Plan Valid?

It's forever free.

Can I Have a Demo of the Full TWICE Version?

Sure, contact us via chat for a 7-day free demo trial.

Why Is My Plan Different From the Info on Your Pricing Page?

If you signed up before 19th December 2023, your plan might differ from current offerings on Your plan name is in Account > Plan & Billing. Contact us for legacy plan discussions.

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