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Deleting Your TWICE Account

How to Permanently Remove Your Account and Data from TWICE

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Deciding to cancel or delete your TWICE account is a significant step. This article provides a detailed guide on how to request the deletion of your entire account, highlighting the importance of this action and the role of ADMIN users in this process.

Who Can Request Account Deletion?

  • ADMIN User Requirement: Only users with ADMIN privileges can request the deletion of a TWICE account. This ensures that the request comes from someone with the authority to make such decisions for the account.

How to Request Account Deletion

  1. Initiate Via Chat: To begin the process of account deletion, ADMIN users must request it through the support chat available in TWICE. This ensures direct and secure communication.

  2. Confirmation of Request: Upon receiving your deletion request, we will confirm that we've received it and will proceed with the deletion process, which will be completed within max 14 business days

  3. Account Deletion Confirmation Email: After successfully deleting your account, we will send a separate confirmation email to verify that the account has been permanently removed.

  4. No Further Charges: Once we confirm receipt of your deletion request, there will be no further charges for your current subscription.

Options Before Deleting Your Account

Downgrade to FREE: Users considering deletion for financial reasons have the option to downgrade to the FREE plan immediately, without waiting for confirmation from our team.

Why Are You Leaving?

Feedback Appreciated: When requesting account deletion, we encourage you to share why TWICE did not meet your needs. Your feedback is invaluable for us to enhance our services.

Actions Before Deleting Your Account

Data Erasure: Be aware that account deletion leads to the permanent erasure of all your data from TWICE. This action is irreversible.

Save Important Information: If there is essential information or data in your account, please ensure it is saved elsewhere before requesting account deletion. Once deleted, data recovery is not possible.

Account deletion is a permanent action. We are here to help throughout the process, ensuring that your decision is informed and your data is handled securely. Your satisfaction and data integrity are our top priorities, and we strive to improve TWICE continuously based on your feedback.

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