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FAQs - Delivery Settings for the TWICE App for Wix
FAQs - Delivery Settings for the TWICE App for Wix

Frequently Asked Questions on Delivery Settings for the TWICE App for Wix

Updated over a week ago

How Do I Set Up Delivery for my TWICE Products?

To set up delivery, shipping, or pickup for your TWICE products, you may utilize Wix's robust shipping & fulfillment feature in your Wix dashboard. Based on the options you want to offer, your customers will be able to select during the checkout how they want to receive their order.

What Options do I have for my TWICE Products?

Only the sky is the limit- it seems the only limitation Wix has in place is, that delivery or shipment takes place somewhere on this planet :)

Choose the regions you want to serve and create shipping, delivery, or pickup rules for them. You can for instance only offer local delivery within your home town, pickup at your warehouse, or even ship outside of your country.

How is the Shipping Price Calculated?

You can choose to (1) offer free shipping to your customers, (2) Apply a flat rate for a customer's entire order (3) calculate the shipping rate based on the total price of a customer's order.

Please note, that shipping rate calculation based on product group and based on weight are currently not (yet)supported for TWICE products.

How do I get my products back when the rental has ended?

This is up to you to decide and set up rules in your shipping settings. You may explore Wix's AppMarket for delivery integrations that suit your business needs.

Many TwiceApp users who offer shipments have found it best practice to add a return shipping label already in the package when sending the products to the customers. This way the customer only sticks the new label on the box and ships the products back easily.

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