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Updating Your Billing Information in TWICE

Learn how to update your business information to ensure accurate invoicing

Updated over a week ago

You can add your business information to your Account's Plan & Billing page. If the information is left empty, TWICE uses the information in Account > General by default.

  1. Accessing Your Business Information Settings

    • Go to Account > Plan & Billing to view and edit your business information.

  2. Editing Business Information

    • You can update the following details:

      • Legal Business Name: Ensure it matches your official registration.

      • Business ID: Your unique business identification number.

      • VAT Number: For EU-based merchants eligible for VAT exemption, note that verification of a new VAT number may take up to one business day.

  3. Setting Your Billing Address

    • Choose between using the default store address listed under Account > General or entering a custom billing address.

  4. Specifying Your Billing Email

    • Decide if you wish to receive TWICE invoices at your account email, store email, or a custom email address.

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