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Adjusting Your Date and Time Format
Adjusting Your Date and Time Format

Learn How to Change Your Date and Time Format in TWICE

Updated over a week ago

Customizing the date and time format in your TWICE Admin App and across your sales channels ensures that your store aligns with regional preferences, enhancing the user experience for both you and your customers. Follow these simple steps to adjust these settings to match your desired formats.

Adjust your Date and Time Format

  1. Open your TWICE Admin and go to Account > Regional Formats.

  2. Scroll down to the Date and Time section.

  3. Here, you can modify your settings for:

    • Date Format: Choose how dates are displayed.

    • Time Format: Select your preferred time representation.

    • First Day of the Week: This selection influences weekly views, such as your booking calendars.

  4. After making your selections, don’t forget to click Save Changes.

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