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FAQ - Language Settings
Updated over a week ago

What is the default language for customers visiting my TWICE store?

When you offer your TWICE store in multiple languages, the default language displayed to your customers is automatically determined by the language settings of their web browser. This ensures that customers are likely to view your store in their preferred language from the get-go, enhancing their shopping experience.

What happens if a customer’s browser language isn’t supported by my store?

If a customer's browser is set to a language that your TWICE store doesn't support, the store will default to your main language. This main language is the primary language you’ve set for your store, ensuring that even in the absence of a preferred language match, your customers are still able to navigate and shop.

Example Scenario:

  • Your Main Language: English

  • Your Enabled Additional Languages: German, French, Italian

  • Customer's Browser Language: Spanish

In this example, because Spanish isn't one of the languages you've enabled for your store, the customer will see your TWICE store in English, your main language.

Can customers choose a different language than the one automatically selected?

Yes, customers can switch between the languages you've enabled for your store.

On Mobile View: Customers can switch languages via the main menu on the left

On Desktop View: Similar to mobile, customers can switch languages through a language selection dropdown, located in the site's header.

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