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Understanding the Integration with Wix

Understanding the seamless integration between TWICE Rentals App and Wix stores checkout process

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Integrating TWICE Rentals onto your Wix account enriches the shopping experience by directly linking TWICE products with the Wix cart and checkout. This allows your customers to purchase both TWICE rental and Wix sales products in a single checkout session, simplifying the buying process.

How does TWICE integrate with Wix

Integrating TWICE with Wix is straightforward and designed for an optimized user experience:

  1. Effortless Setup: When you install the TWICE App on your Wix site, essential e-commerce components such as the shopping cart and checkout page are automatically configured in the background. There's no need for additional installations.

  2. Seamless Shopping Cart Integration: TWICE product pages automatically sync with your Wix shopping cart. This ensures that when customers add TWICE products to their cart, these items integrate smoothly into the Wix cart, ready for checkout and payment processing.

  3. Flexible Product Offerings: You have the flexibility to offer both TWICE rental services and Wix sales products on your site. This combination allows you to cater to diverse customer needs without any extra setup.

Customizing the Checkout

Checkout customization is managed through the Wix platform. Within your Wix dashboard, navigate to "Settings" to access a suite of options designed to tailor the checkout process to your business's needs.

In the eCommerce settings section, you can:

  • Establish Checkout Policies, including Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • Activate gift card options.

  • Customize order and shipping confirmation emails.

  • Select preferred payment methods under the "Accept payments" section.

  • Configure Shipping & Fulfillment settings, including regions and rates.

While this list highlights key customization features, it's not exhaustive. For a more detailed exploration of settings and adjustments, Wix's Support Center offers extensive resources and guides to optimize your checkout experience in alignment with TWICE App integration.

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