Setting up deliveries

Managing delivery carriers

Manage delivery carriers for local deliveries

Carriers deliver your customers' orders. It can be either your vehicles or third-party services, ex. local taxi company or DPD. Some carriers let you drop off packages to them, and others let you schedule pickups from your location. Some carriers can also pick up from any warehouse or fulfilment service that you use.

Carriers charge you a fee for delivering any products. How you account for this fee in what you charge your customer depends on your product pricing and marketing strategies, but it is a large part of the costs of running a business.

Note: Currently, on our platform, you can only define the name of the carrier. Everything else needs to be handled manually.

Create delivery carrier

  1. From your Twice admin, go to Settings > Delivery.
  2. In the Carrier section, click new carrier.
  3. Fill carrier's Name.
  4. Click Create carrier.