Localization settings

Adjusting VAT and sales tax levels

How to define the VAT and sales tax levels for your sales

  1. In your Twice Admin App, navigate to Account > Taxes
  2. Add as many VAT levels as your business requires.
    1. If all your products and services use the same VAT level, it is enough to define only one VAT level.
    2. If some of the products or services have different VAT levels, mark which one you want to use as default tax. Adding descriptions to the specific VAT level can be helpful.
    3. You can always remove or change the VAT levels later.
  3. Choose, how you calculate and display taxes, by either include the tax in your product prices or excluding it, and click save. When excluding it from the prices the tax will be added at checkout

4. If your store has multiple VAT levels, choose the correct tax rate for each product by going into your general product settings and selecting the right tax percentage from the drop-down menu.