Creating language translations for your products

How to create product descriptions for multiple languages

Depending on your chosen Twice Plan you will have multiple languages available. Currently, Twice supports 16 languages for your sales channels. Available languages ->

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How to enable additional languages

How to translate your content

Language your customers view your Twice store in

How to enable additional languages

  • Navigate to your Account and select Languages
  • Click manage languages and select all languages you want to enable for your account
  • Under main language to select the language you will create your content in, i.e. when creating a new product, you create it in your main language and add the respective translations afetrwards.

How to translate your content

Once you have selected the languages, you can start creating translations for them. Twice provides the translations of your sales channels' core structure as well as the transactional emails. All individual content must be translated individually. Here is how to:

  1. Navigate to Account > Languages and select Translations
  2. Choose the language you want to translate your content to
  3. Select the area (Products, Categories,...) you want to translate and work through the list

Language your customers view your Twice store in

When your online store is available in multiple languages, your customer's browser language defines the default language your Twice store will be displayed in. If the customer's browser language is not available in your Twice store, your main language will be selected for your customers.


Your main language: English

Your additionally enabled languages: German, French, Italian

Your customer's browser language: Spanish

In this scenario, your customer will get your Twice Store displayed in your main language, English, as Spanish is not available.

Your customers can switch between your enabled languages:

On mobile view

On desktop