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Branding Add-on

How to customize colors, button styles and typography of your Twice sales channels.

Twice's customer interfaces are completely white-labeled. It means that in Rentle, you can easily customize how your customer interfaces look and make them feel like your brand.

Note: To use this feature, make sure to upgrade your Twice Plan to Discover, Build, or Advance.

Here's how to customize the branding of your sales channels:

  1. Install the Branding Add-on from your Add-ons
  2. Go to your Account -> General settings
  3. Scroll down to the Branding section
  4. Toggle on the Enable custom branding
  5. From here you can edit the colors, typography and button style of your sales channels.

Tip: Also company logo, product images, and descriptions have a significant effect on the user interface and how your sales channels feel. Feel free to be creative when building your product catalogue.