Twice Payments

Activating Twice Payments

How to create a Twice Payments account

Depending on your physical location, you can activate your online payments through Twice Payments. If your Twice account is set to be in one of the supported countries, Twice Payments will be available to you as follows:

Caution: You can start accepting payments before your account is fully verified. Please ensure full verification within 45 days to avoid suspension and potential funds being released back to your customers. Read more ->

  1. Navigate to Account -> Payments.
  2. Click Complete setup in the Twice Payments section.
  3. Complete your details to continue. The information is pre-filled based on your provided information when creating your Twice account. You can now change it.
    • Business name: The legal name of your business
    • Email: Business email
    • Country: The country your business is registered in
    • Currency: The currency you accept customer payment
  4. Confirm that you don't sell any prohibited or restricted products or services and click continue to verification. You'll be redirected to our payment processing partner to finalize the verification and are asked to fill in details for the following 3 sections:


    Provide all requested information on your company

    • Legal business name (if different: Doing business as)
    • Company registration number, tax number
    • Business phone number, email and address
    • Upload a company document to verify your business


    • Provide all requested information on all owners of your company and at least one signatory. Note that one person can hold multiple roles,.
    • Personal details of owner & signatory: Name, Date of birth, address, email and phone number
    • Upload an ID Document to verify the identity


    • Provide information on the bank account you want to receive your payouts to. You are able to change the bank account later if needed. 
    • Your payouts will be sent to this bank account. You are able to change the bank account later if needed. 
    • Name on bank account, country & currency code and IBAN for payouts
    • Upload a bank document to verify your account 
  5. Once you have submitted all details, your account will automatically be verified and is usually fully available within a business day. You can immediately start accepting payments, but your payouts will be blocked until your details are successfully verified.
  6. Enable all payment methods you want to accept by using the toggle switches In your Account > Payments for the available payment methods. 


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