Security Deposits

Working with manual security deposits

Learn when and how to use manual security deposits

With manual security deposits, Twice does not reserve any funds from the customer. They allow you to communicate to your customers that a deposit will be reserved on site and it is up to you how to reserve the deposit.

Note: To use this feature, make sure to upgrade your Twice Plan to Discover, Build, or Advance.

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When to use manual security deposits

How to use manual security deposits

When to use manual security deposits

Manual security deposits are available on the Discover, Build as well as the Advance plan. They do not need to be separately activated, they will be automatically available in your products' settings. There are multiple reasons for using manual security deposits, here are the most common use cases:

  • When online payments methods are not activated If you do not have online payments activated but you have defined security deposits.
  • Alongside automatic security deposits To ensure, regardless of the chosen payment method, all your customers will deposit a certain amount to cover potential damages and/or late returns.
  • When using manual payment methods If you have set to use a manual payment method, the deposit will be handled as a manual deposit whenever the manual payment method is used at checkout.

How to use manual security deposits

You choose freely which products to define security deposits for and the deposit amount you want to capture. Read: How to define security deposits.

  1. As your customer chooses a product with a security deposit in your online store, they'll be informed about it when adding the product to their order.
  2. Your customer pays & confirms the order with any of the offered payment methods you have enabled.
  3. You’ll see the deposit status from the right panel of the order view in your Twice Admin App:
  4. With manual deposits, it is up to you how you actually reserve the deposit from your customer.
  5. By clicking the pen icon, you'll be able to edit the deposit amount or type if needed:
  6. When ending an order with a security deposit, a reminder will be triggered for your staff to return the deposit.
  7. Return or charge the deposit outside of Twice with the tool/system that you are reserving deposits with.