Embedding info

Twice Embed Builder

How to access and use the Twice Embed Builder to get the right code snippets at ease

The Twice Embed Builder provides you with the correct code snippet that you can easily copy and then paste onto your website. No coding experience is required and we provide the step by step instructions on how to find the correct code and where to copy it.

You will need the Twice Embed Builder when

(a) adding your Twice Store by editing your website's HTML code or

(b) when adding your Twice Store on your Squarespace Website

On this page

1. Where to find the Twice Embed Builder

2. Find the script tag

3. Find the correct code snippet

  1. Open embed.rentle.shop and enter your store name. Your store name can be found from your Account > Domain & URL or from your Twice store's URL.
  2. In the lower half of the screen you will now see your Twice Store. Navigate to the section of your Twice Store which you want to embed on your website.
  3. Click Copy Embed Code </> in the lower right corner of your screen to open a small window displaying the code
  4. A new small window will open, providing you with the two code snippets you will need
  5. The (1) Add script tag is displayed on the top and only needs to be added once to your website. It usually is placed in the <head></head> section of your index.html.
  6. The (2) Add your embedded store on the bottom provides you with the exact code from the section you just navigated to. If you navigated to a specific product or category, the embed code will provide you will the exact code to just display the specific product on your website.
  7. You can add multiple sections of your Twice store on different locations of your website. Just click close and repeat the steps "2. Navigate" and "3. Click Copy Embed Code" to retrieve the correct code.