Skidata configuration

How to integrate Skidata pass system with your Twice account

With this integration, you can synchronize your Skidata catalog, manage which lift tickets are available for purchase in your Twice online store, and sell them individually or offer them as an additional product with your rental equipment.

Note: To use this feature, make sure to upgrade your Twice Plan to Advance.

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Activate Skidata in Rentle

Active Skidata in Rentle

  1. Contact us via the support chat or or schedule a video call with one of our product specialists to enable the Skidata integration for your Twice store
  2. In your Twice Admin App, navigate to Account > Integrations
  3. Enter your Skidata credentials: Client name, Username, Password.To get the credentials you need to have the Skidata system set up, or purchase it. Skidata representatives can help with providing the needed credentials.
  4. Click Log in and activate Skidata button to store your login details to Rentle.

That's it, your Skidata account is now connected with Rentle.

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