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All Product Settings Explained

Learn How and Where to Adjust Your Product Settings to Fit Your Requirements

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TWICE provides extensive options to customize each product to meet specific business needs. This article serves as an overview of the various product settings available, allowing you to fine-tune your products in detail.

General Product Information

On a Product's General tab, you can edit the general product information:

  • the product name

  • the product description

  • add product images

  • assign the respective category

  • adjust the tax percentage

  • set the visibility status

  • (pre)view it in your online store

  • Create package products.

Product Pricing

On a Product's Pricing tab, you can

  • edit the product's pricing

  • use & create pricing templates

  • enable the product to be available for rent, sale, and subscription

  • create pricing increases depending on product variants

  • manage your booking extension settings

Product Variants

On a Product's Variant tab, you can

  • create different versions of your product to offer choices like size, color, etc.

Product Availability

On a Product's Availability tab, you can

  • connect your product to the inventory

  • customize start times when your product should be available

  • limit how many orders of this product you take in per start time by setting a capacity

Product Settings

On a Product's Settings tab, you can

  • choose additional products to be recommended with this product

  • select the sales channels this product is available in

  • select the stores this product is available in

  • set security deposits for the product

  • define product information to be filled by the staff

  • define additional information collected from the customer

  • define when your product must be ordered the latest before a rental starts

  • define the maximum availability in your online store

More Options

From the More dropdown, you can

  • duplicate the product

  • delete the product

  • share a direct link to the product

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