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Limiting the online store product availability

How to limit the availability for certain products in your online store

Usually, it is a positive problem to be fully booked. Still, sometimes it is necessary to limit the product availability in the online store to avoid situations where you cannot serve walk-in customers due to high demand.

To define a specific capacity for the online store

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Products > [choose the product in question] > Settings and scroll down to the Online availability.
  2. Specify the capacity for online bookings as a percentage of the product's total stock availability.
  3. Click save, and you're done!

In the example above, as soon as 80% of the available white boards are booked for a certain time period, the product won't be available anymore in the online store. You can however still manually create orders in your Twice Admin App.

If you want to restrict any online bookings, head over to our instructions on how to hide products completely in certain sales channels.