Security Deposits

Introduction to security deposits

An overview on security deposits in Twice

Security deposits work as a risk management tool for you for example in the case of damaged items or late returns. With Rentle, you’ll be able to enable deposits on a product level and there are two ways security deposits can be used with Rentle.

Both options will allow you to communicate to your customers at the point of booking that a deposit is required and how it will be reserved.

Deposits and their status are always visible for staff member when opening an individual order.

Note: Security deposits are available on the Discover, Build, and Advance Plan.

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Manual security deposits

Automatic security deposits

Manual security deposits

  • Twice will not reserve any funds. Deposit needs to be manually reserved outside Rentle, e.g. in cash.
  • Manual deposits allow you to communicate at the point of booking that a deposit will be reserved upon pick-up.
  • Twice’s order view will allow you to keep track of any reserved deposits and remind you to return them.

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Automatic security deposits

  • Twice will automatically pre-authorize the defined security deposit from the customer’s payment card before the booking begins.
  • together with Twice Payments and Stripe and when the customer pays by credit or debit card.

Note: Pre-authorized security deposits via Twice Payments are limited to 28 days. Via Stripe, authorization holds for Mastercards are limited to 7 days, while VISA card authorizations can only be held for 5 days.

After that period, the deposit will automatically be canceled and sent back to your customer.

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