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Installing TWICE on Your WordPress Site
Installing TWICE on Your WordPress Site

Learn How To Install and Embed TWICE on Your WordPress Website

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Installing TWICE on your WordPress site enables you to integrate a seamless online rental storefront with your existing website content. This guide covers the installation of the TWICE plugin and outlines the methods for embedding your TWICE store using either Gutenberg blocks or shortcode.

Step 1: Know Your Shop Name

Before you start, locate your Shop Name. You can find this information in your TWICE Admin under Account > Domains & URLs > URLs > Twice Domain Path.

Note: WordPress only supports shop names consisting of letters and numbers - you may need to edit your shop name.

Step 2: Install the TWICE Plugin

To integrate TWICE with your WordPress site, start with the plugin installation:

  1. Navigate to Plugins: Go to the Plugins section in your WordPress dashboard.

  2. Search and Install: Type "Twice Commerce" in the search bar, install and activate the plugin. The current version is 1.3, updated in April 2024. It's advisable to enable auto-updates for ongoing support and new features.

  3. Create or Edit a Page: Open a new or existing page where you want your TWICE store displayed.

Step 3: Choose Embedding Method

With the TWICE plugin installed, select how you would like to embed your TWICE store into your page:

  • Option 1: Gutenberg Blocks

    • In your WordPress Editor, click the + button, search for "Twice Shop Block", and insert it.

    • Configure the block by entering your shop name in the settings on the right panel.

  • Option 2: Shortcode

    • In the WordPress Editor, click the + button, search for "Shortcode", and insert the shortcode block.

    • Enter the shortcode [twice_commerce_shop shop="Shop name"] with your shop name.

This setup process will get your TWICE store up and running on your WordPress site, ready for further customization and use.

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