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FAQs - Embedding Your TWICE Store on Your Website
FAQs - Embedding Your TWICE Store on Your Website

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions When Installing Your TWICE Store on Your Website

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Do You Have a WordPress Plugin?

Yes, we have a TWICE Plugin for Wordpress! For detailed instructions on how to use our TWICE WordPress plugin, please refer to our installation and customization guide.

What is My Shop Name?

Your shop name can be found via your Twice Admin App > Account > Domains & URLs. You can copy the URL ending in the Twice domain path section.

Why Does the Language Picker Not Show on My Embedded Store?

For HTML embedding:

By default, the embed uses the system/browser language of the customer viewing your store. If the browser language is not available in your Twice languages, your main language is used as a fallback. You can use the lang parameter to force the embedded store to use a specific language.

For WordPress embedding:

By default, the embed uses the language your customers are viewing your WordPress page in. If that language is not available in your Twice languages, your main language is used as a fallback. You can activate a free translation plugin (e.g. TranslatePress) to change the language simultaneously on WordPress and Twice Store.

Why Does My Embedded Store Show an Empty White Space at the Bottom?

The reason why you might notice an empty white space at the bottom of your embedded Twice store page is because of the padding added to prevent a disruptive animation when a product is added to the cart and the page height changes. While this padding is currently not configurable without significant changes to the embed functionality, we acknowledge the need for customization and are considering future updates.

Why Are Some Tags, Blocks, or Plugins called "Rentle"?

TwiceCommerce operates under the company Rentle OY. Therefore, some embedding instructions and elements may reference our company name.

Can I Embed Only Specific Parts of My TWICE Shop, Like the Shopping Cart or One Product?

Embedding specific sections of your TWICE shop, like the shopping cart is not possible due to the nature of the iframe technology used for embedding. The TWICE iframe embeds the entire shop interface as a unified whole. While this might seem limiting, it ensures that your customers can access the full range of your shop’s offerings from any embedded point, providing a comprehensive browsing and shopping experience directly on your site.

Is It Possible to Customize the Embedded TWICE Store to Only Show Certain Parts, Like Removing the Menu?

Due to the iframe format of our TWICE store embeds, removing specific components such as the menu or other navigational parts isn't feasible. Embedding a specific product or category acts like directing customers straight to that section of your store, yet the rest of the store remains accessible for full browsing. This design ensures that while your customers start at a particular point of interest, they retain the ability to explore your entire store seamlessly, enhancing user engagement and potential sales opportunities.

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