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FAQ - Pausing Your TWICE Subscription
Updated over a week ago

When Should I Consider Pausing My Plan?

  • Seasonal Business Operations: If your business operates mainly in certain seasons, pausing during off-seasons can be beneficial.

  • Pre-Launch Preparation: When you need more time to set up or refine your store before going live.

  • Limited Operation Periods: If your store is only meant to be open for specific times throughout the year.

What Happens to My Online Store If I Pause My Plan?

  • Customer Access: Your online store remains accessible for customers to view and browse your product catalog.

  • Checkout Disabled: The ability for customers to place orders will be disabled, effectively pausing sales transactions.

  • Visibility of Changes: Any updates made to your products or account settings will still reflect on your online store.

Can I Manually Create Orders in TWICE Admin During a Pause?

  • No, the ability to manually create or process new orders through your TWICE Admin is disabled when your plan is paused.

Will Pausing My Plan Result in Data Loss?

  • No, pausing your plan does not lead to any data loss. Your store data, including installed add-ons and languages, remains intact and secure during the pause.

Is It Possible to View and Edit Existing Orders While Paused?

  • Yes, you retain the ability to view and edit any existing orders. However, generating new orders is not possible during the pause period. This ensures that while operational aspects are on hold, you can still manage and modify previous transactions as needed.


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