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Creating the pricing for bookable products

How to set prices for bookable products

Defining your prices depends on what type of product you are creating. Bookable products such as rentals or other services are in most cases created with a pricing table. A pricing table allows you to define prices based on the duration of the rental or service.

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Creating a pricing table

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Creating a pricing table

Creating a pricing table allows you to give your product multiple different duration options. You'll be able to connect each duration with its price.

  1. From your Catalog, open the product you want to edit.
  2. Click on the Pricing tab and then click on the Bookings tab.
  3. Turn on the Bookings toggle to make this product bookable.
  4. Pricing tables come with some prefilled information. The content of the fields is based on what you selected as the shortest rental duration when you created the product. Now, you can tailor the pricing table to your needs:
    • Enter a custom title for your pricing options if applicable.
    • Create different duration options you want to offer your product for. Possible durations are minutes, hours, days (either 24 hours or during opening hours), weeks, months, or even years. Pricing tables include some suggested durations. You can delete unnecessary rows by clicking the X on the right side. Alternatively, you can + add new rows.
    • Set a price for each duration. The base price is what you filled in when you created the product. This should always be the price for the shortest possible booking duration. Newly added durations will automatically be populated with the respective price according to your base price. You can of course freely change the prices.

6. Once you're done, click Save.

Tip: If you have several products that use the same pricing logic, you can save time by creating a pricing template and using it in other products. Here is how to create and use pricing templates ->

Video Tutorial

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