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3. Connecting products to inventory

Define your product's quantity and availability by connecting it to your inventory

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Why a product should be connected to the inventory

Without connecting your products to the inventory, Twice does not know how many individual items of the product you have available and will assume an unlimited number.

In most cases, you have limited availability and want to define how many single items of a product should be available to your customers. This is done by connecting the product to your inventory.

Simple example: You rent out kayaks. You have 3 kayaks available.

  • You create 1 product. (e.g. Single Person Kayak)
  • You create 1 corresponding SKU (e.g. KAYAK) in your Inventory
  • Within this SKU, you create 3 articles (e.g. Kayak1, Kayak2, and Kayak3).
  • In the availability tab of your Product Single Person Kayak, you connect the SKU KAYAK, so the maximum amount of kayaks that can be rented at the same time is 3.

Tip: It is possible to connect the same SKU to another product e.g. Kayak Tour, to share the availability of the Kayak articles between different products.

Learn more about inventory articles and SKUs from here.

How to connect a product to the inventory

  1. Make sure you have created an SKU and corresponding articles for your product
  2. Navigate to your Catalog and select the product you want to edit.
  3. Open the product's Availability tab.
  4. Click on Connect to Inventory
  5. Choose the correct SKU from the dropdown menu "In stock" text below the SKU indicates how many articles of the connected SKU are available in total to be rented or sold. Next to it, you'll see the split on how many articles are available to be rented and how many are available to be sold.


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