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Available languages

What languages are currently available in Twice

Currently, TWICE provides support for 21 languages, allowing customers to shop in their preferred language and for you to manage your products, orders, and more in the Admin area.

All available languages


Online Store & Check-In 

Twice Admin
Croatian yes* yes*
Czech yes yes
Danish yes yes*
Dutch yes yes*
English yes yes
Estonian yes yes
Finnish yes yes
French yes yes*
German yes yes
Hungarian yes yes*
Italian yes yes*
Latvian yes* yes*
Lithuanian yes yes*
Norwegian  yes yes*
Polish yes yes*
Portuguese yes* yes*
Russian yes -
Slovak yes yes
Slovenian yes yes*
Spanish yes yes
Swedish yes yes*

About * Community Translations

Community translations in TWICE are a collaborative effort, crafted by our community. These translations are works in progress and have not undergone complete review.

Currently, we can only support community translations for languages that employ the Latin alphabet and are read from left to right.

Don't see your language listed here or want to help us improve existing translations? Send us a message via