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Activating Stripe Payments

How to connect Twice with Stripe

Depending on your physical location, you can activate your online payments through Stripe. If your Twice account is set to be in one of the supported countries, Stripe will be available to you as follows:

  1. Navigate to Account -> Payments.
  2. In the Third-party providers section click Connect Stripe
  3. Enter your email address to continue
  4. Fill in your business details to continue; make sure to provide the correct business type, as this will determine the necessary information to provide.

Note: Twice requires you to create a new payment account in Stripe through the Payment Settings. You can have multiple payment accounts which you can all connect under one user on Stripe’s end. Here is a link to Stripe’s help center article covering the topic:

After successful account creation and connection, you will have full access to your transactions in your Stripe dashboard. Use your just set up credentials to log in at