Supported payment methods

Choosing your payment methods with Twice

Setting up your payments properly is a key step in launching your online store and getting started with Rentle. When a customer places an order in your Twice Store, they can choose their preferred payment option from any of the methods that you've enabled in the Payments settings of your Twice account.

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In Person Payment

Online Payments

In Person Payment

To allow customers to place orders in your Twice Store, at least one payment method must be activated. To help you getting started, the Pay in-store option is always available.

You can enable the option to pay in-store from your Account > Payments > manual payment methods.

To add custom payment methods such as vouchers, invoices, enable our Manual Payment Methods Block.

Online Payments

Depending on your physical location, you can accept online payments from your customers. Twice currently offers two payment processor connections: Twice Payments and Stripe:

Twice Payments:

Third Party Integration via Stripe:

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