Refunding payments

How to refund payments to your customers

Follow our steps below to refund payments to your customers.

  1. Navigate to your Orders and select the order for which you want to instruct a refund.
  2. Click the Payment summary in the right panel.
  3. On the right side of the Payment summary page, click Refund
  4. Next, refund all or part of the payment by setting a percentage or total amount you want to refund. Finally, Click Refund.

On the same page, you can also Charge or Release security deposits.

When the payment has been made outside of Twice (e.g., in-store using cash), you need to manually refund the payment to your customer. Twice makes automatic refunds only when the payment has been made in Rentle's online checkout. However, to keep your accounting reports up to date, you should mark the manual refunds also in Rentle.

Warning: Once payment has been refunded, you can't undo the action.

If you wish to make sure that a past order has been refunded correctly, simply navigate to your Completed Orders(Orders -> Completed) and check the Payment summary.