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Export your Twice inventory

Learn how to export your Twice inventory as a CSV file

You can export your entire inventory or parts of it from Twice as a CSV file, which you can then edit with any spreadsheet software of your choice.

Tip: Especially for large inventories we advise to periodically export a .CSV file and save them locally as a backup file.

Here is how to export your Twice Inventory

  • In your Twice Admin App navigate to your Inventory
  • From here you can export your entire Inventory at once as a CSV file by clicking Export
  • You can also first apply certain filters to for example export the inventory just for certain SKUs or store locations only.

Your exported file will automatically be saved in your defined download folder using Twice and the current date as a filename.

An inventory export from October 25th of 2022 would be called rentle_2022-10-25.csv

You can open and edit your exported inventory with any spreadsheet software of your choice. After you have applied all desired changes you can easily import the updated data back to Twice via inventory import.