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Customizing your embedded Twice store

How to customize your embedded store by editing specific parameters

The rentle-store HTML element supports a variety of configuration parameters, which allow you to define among others which product or category should be displayed by default, or which language should be used. Twice provides two options to get the correct code snippet to use in your html file.

Option 1) Use the Embed Builder app

The easiest way to get the correct parameters is to copy the code snippet from the Twice Embed Builder. In the embed builder, you can simply navigate to the section of your online store which you would like to display on your website. Choose any location, category or product and click Copy Embed Code </> to view the correct code snippet to copy to your website.

Option 2) Configure manually

You can also manually pass parameters to the rentle-store element with standard HTML syntax, for example:


See the full list of possible parameters, applicable values, and their respective behaviors below. Please note that the shop parameter is the only required parameter.

Parameter Value Default

The name of the shop to embed; It can be found via Account > Domains & URLs > Twice domain path

e.g. shop="myshop"


The name of a specific store location to embed; find via Account > Domain & URLs > URLs > Store URL endings

Applicable only when operating multiple store locations. 

e.g. store="mystorelocation"


If you have multiple store locations and want to display all the store options for the customer to select from, set to TRUE

e.g. locationsview= "true"


By default, the embed uses the system/browser language of the user viewing it, but if that is not available, your Rentle Admin's main language will be used as fallback. 

The language parameter can take in any two-letter language code as the value. Just make sure, the respective language is activated in your Rentle store or no changes will be applied.

e.g. lang="de"

User language

By default, the height of the embedded store is automatically resized to fit the content within. This improves user experience, as it removes the need for a scrollbar within the embedded store.

If you want, you can also set a fixed height for your embedded store by passing in a valid HTML height as the value of this parameter

e.g. "1000px" or "100%" or "100vh"


The ID of a specific category can be found via Catalog > Category > the URL ending of the respective category

e.g. category="FH6YfXO0QBRDAVHAmB4P"


The ID of a specific ticket product to show in the embed by default (requires Skidata integration).


The ID of a specific product can be found via Catalog > Product > URL ending of the respective product; If provided, the category and ticket parameters will be ignored.

e.g. product="Y13DRwOtR2vC7APRJab8"


By default, your website user is automatically scrolled to the top of the embedded store when the page changes or a dialog is shown inside the embed. This improves user experience in most cases, but you can disable this behavior by passing in "true" as the value of this parameter.

e.g. disableautoscroll="true"


By default, when the height of the embedded store changes, the height is animated to its new value to prevent stutter. You can disable this behavior by passing in "true" as the value of this parameter.