Security Deposits

Releasing or charging a security deposit

How to release or charge a captured security deposit

In case you need to charge your customer using the reserved deposit, you'll be able to charge the whole amount or a partial amount.

Tip: Always have a look at the payment method, if the deposit was reserved automatically or manually.

Charging or releasing the security deposit, usually takes place when your customers return their rental products and you end the order. In this case

  1. Navigate to your Orders and open the order in question
  2. Click to end order on the bottom rightA new window will show up, informing you about a deposit that is still held in this order. You can now confirm to release the deposit or select to go back to e.g. charge the deposit
  3. To charge the deposit: select Payment overview in the right panel of the order and a new window will open, from which you can see in the transactions overview the deposit authorization
  4. Here you can select to release or charge the deposit
  5. if you select to charge the deposit, a dialog will open and you'll be able to define the amount to charge and give a reason for charging the deposit.

In case of a manual deposit reservation, you'll see a note, reminding you that this charge will not be captured automatically, but must be handled manually.

In case of an automatic security deposit, the customer will receive an automated email notifying about this charge. The reason stated above will be communicated in this email. You'll also be able to view the receipt for the payment under Payment history.