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Hardware you need to use Twice

What hardware do you need to get the most out of Twice

Twice is software that runs in the cloud, therefore meaning that you can use almost any device with an Internet connection to use Twice.

The software is mobile responsive so that you can manage your business even on the move with your mobile device or a tablet computer. Furthermore, all the updates to the software are automatically in your use without any installation. Simply log in to your account.

Even though Twice does not operate as a hardware dealer, we recognize that a functional hardware setup is essential to run a business efficiently and get the most out of Twice software. Below, you'll find a list of useful hardware to make your day-to-day smoother. Twice's features are constantly evolving meaning that the list of hardware recommendations might evolve as well.

Note: To ensure Twice works flawlessly on your device, make sure your browser is updated.

Useful hardware for your in-store operation

Admin panels/workstations

For practical reasons, we recommend using a computer as your primary workstation. Smaller stores are good with one workstation, but we recommend having multiple workstations with Twice open for larger stores with much traffic. Typically we recommend desktop computers because of their robustness, but a laptop works fine too.

Tip: Twice has many features, especially on the order fulfilment side, using touch-based User Interface elements. Therefore, a computer with a touch screen could be a worthwhile investment.

Check-in kiosks

Check-in kiosks run on the browser too, and are used to collect orders and necessary customer information from your walk-in customers. You can have as many check-in kiosks in your store as you want, depending on the amount of traffic in your store. The amount doesn't affect the pricing of your Twice subscription.

We recommend using a tablet computer of your choice as a check-in kiosk. Combine it with a lockable and stable tablet stand, and you have an operating check-in kiosk ready to collect orders from your customers.

Note: Pay attention to the durability and screen quality of the device. Check-in kiosks are under much pressure due to their heavy usage.

Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners are rental store employees' best friends. Fulfilling orders and tracking inventory is exponentially faster with barcode scanners. Almost any wireless barcode scanner that's compatible with your computer is a worthwhile investment in your store's hardware setup.

Tip: Wirelessness helps you stay mobile whenever needed and makes everything easier.

Additional hardware

  • Receipt printers to print out order confirmations
  • Barcode sticker printer (and printer software)
  • Keypads (and mouses)