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Introduction to pickup points

What are pre-defined pickup points and when to use them?

Managing deliveries and pickups efficiently is essential for a smooth rental experience. Twice offers a convenient solution to streamline this process and enhance customer satisfaction by utilizing pre-defined delivery and pickup locations. This help center article provides an overview of what pickup points are and how they can benefit your rental business.

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What are pre-defined pickup points?

How many pre-defined pickup points can I create?

When to use pre-defined pickup points?

What are pre-defined pickup points?

Pre-defined delivery and pickup locations refer to specific addresses or designated spots where customers can receive or return rented items. With Rentle, you can pre-define these locations in your Delivery settings in the admin panel, making it easier for your customers to select the most convenient option during the rental process.

By setting up pre-defined locations, you can simplify logistics, provide accurate selection choices, and ensure a smooth rental experience. Whether you operate multiple branches, offer rentals at event venues, or manage vacation properties, pre-defined locations help streamline the delivery and pickup process.

How many pre-defined pickup points can I create?

The number of available pickup points depends on your chosen Twice Plan:

Free: 1 Pickup Point

Discover: 2 Pickup Points

Build: 5 Pickup Points

Advance: 20 Pickup Points

When to use pre-defined pickup points?

Pre-defined pickup points can be beneficial in various scenarios. Here are some common use cases where pre-defined delivery locations can be advantageous:

  1. Multiple Branches: If your rental business operates with one centralized inventory from multiple branches or locations, pre-defined locations help customers select the nearest branch for item pickup or return.

  2. Event Spaces: For rentals at event venues or temporary locations, pre-defined locations allow customers to choose the specific spot where they can conveniently receive or return rented items.

  3. Vacation Rentals: If your rental business caters to vacation destinations, pre-defined locations can simplify the rental process for customers. Instead of requiring them to know specific addresses at their holiday location, pre-defined locations allow them to easily select their desired holiday accommodation or pickup point.

  4. Sports Equipment Rentals: Merchants offering sports equipment rentals, such as bikes, skis, or surfboards, can utilize pre-defined delivery locations to designate popular pick-up spots near sports facilities or tourist attractions.

  5. Campus or University Rentals: For rental businesses operating in campuses or universities, pre-defined delivery locations can represent specific buildings or departments. This allows students or staff to easily select the appropriate location when renting equipment or other items.

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